Welcome to the Virtual Joint Strike Wing for DCS World.

The Virtual joint Strike Wing is a UK based combat flight sim group for DCS World. The wing is made up of Squadrons from the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force………

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Here you will find out what we are up to week by week. Whether we are conducting carrier ops, bombing insurgents , or just flying a flying club night, its all here

The squadrons of Joint Strike Wing Completed their ferry flights to the […]
On Saturday 16thy May the Wing held an inter squadron bombing competion, […]
Chris “TRICKY” Has handed over the reigns of 809 NAS to his […]

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Joint Strike Wing Flying Club

Every now and then you need to let your hair down, or you feel like flying th old war birds, Here at V-JSW we have our own flying club nights, usually run once a month on our server….

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HMS Hermes R12

HMS Hermes is used by 801 Squadron, The model is a beautiful representation of an Iconic Aircraft Carrier. The attention to detail is second to none. Joey the creator has done a fantastic job on this Carrier. We are lucky to be involed in a small part with testing the carrier. Check out Joeys Website by clicking the button bellow or the link at the top of the page.