Saturday 8th Feb 2020

801 NAS (Strike) Cdr Neil “RAZOR

809 NAS (SEAD/Escort) Cdr Colin”BADGER”, Cdr Chris “TRICKY” SubLt James “CRISPY”

43 Sqn RAF (REDAIR) Sqn Ldr Rob “SWIFTONE” RIO Flt Lt Mat “DUNKY” , Flt LT Lenny “GUNNER” RIO Capt Gaz “PITBULL”

Exercise First Look was the newly formed Joint Strike Wing’s first exercise since re forming. A lot has changed within the wing since changing from UK Navalops so this was a good chance to see how the Squadrons would cope with their new roles, especially 809 and 43 Sqns with their new airframes.

809 NAS Sqn Leader Cdr Chris “TRICKY” Carrying out SEAD

The Exersise was put togetther by Dangerman with the help of Tricky during the mission making and finalising phase.

Cdr Neil “RAZOR”, The new CO of 801 Sqn was overall mission Commander for the exercise, so it was up to him to plan the mission and brief the other sqn Commanders.

801 NAS was to carry out the main strike with 809 NAS lead by Badger providing SEAD and escort. 43 Sqn RAF lead by Swiftone was redair so was tasked with causing trouble for the other squadrons.

Sqn Ldr SwiftOne with Dunky as his RIO

The exercise was a success with all tasks completed and a lot of positives taken away by all involved. 801 dropped their bombs on the target, 809 managed to clear most of the air defence threats and 43 managed to score some long distance kills with their Phoenixes.

Cdr Neil “RAZOR” on his bomb run

Below are some images from the ex

Taken by Tricky

Bellow are images of 43 Sqn taken by Swifty


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