On Saturday 16thy May the Wing held an inter squadron bombing competion, Each sqn had four airframes and had to complete four bombing runs on our range with points givent for closest to the target but also deducted for other infringements. the comp was judged by our STANEVAL Officer DM.

801 went first followed by 809 then finally 43 sqn in their F 14’s, with the big advantage of being an A2A aircraft.

All squadrons done really well, with some really good flying, comms and bombing, with 43 sqn doing better than even they expected. Even gaining the most points for their bombing accuracy.

It was a really enjoyable event with fun had by all. A special thanks to DM for organising the event aswell as acting as range coordinator and ATC. Also thanks to Razor for getting the scores and admitting defeat like a gent and sorting the video and images from the event.


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