Welcome to 43 Sqn RAF

“The Fighting Cocks”

No. 43 Squadron was a Royal Air Force aircraft squadron originally formed in 1916 as part of the Royal Flying Corps….

The squadron was reactivated under the Joint Strike Wing in early 2020 and will now be operating the F14B Tomcat.

F14B Tomcat

2 (Pilot and Radar Intercept Officer)

62 ft 9 in (19.13 m)

16 ft (4.9 m)

Maximum speed:
1,342 kn (1,544 mph, 2,485 km/h)

The F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, variable sweep wing, two-place fighter designed to attack and destroy enemy aircraft at night and in all weather conditions. The F-14 can track up to 24 targets simultaneously with its advanced weapons control system and attack six with Phoenix AIM-54A missiles while continuing to scan the airspace. Armament also includes a mix of other air intercept missiles, rockets and bombs. The Tomcat is a 2-seat, twin-engine fighter with twin tails and variable-geometry wings. Its general arrangement consists of a long nacelle containing the large nose radar and 2 crew positions extending well forward and above the widely spaced engines. The engines are parallel to a central structure that flattens towards the tail; butterfly-shaped airbrakes are located between the fins on the upper and lower surfaces. Altogether, the fuselage forms more than half of the total aerodynamic lifting surface.

The wings are shoulder-mounted and are programmed for automatic sweep during flight, with a manual override provided. The twin, swept fin-and-rudder vertical surfaces are mounted on the engine housings and canted outward. The wing pivot carry- through structure crosses the central structure; the carry through is 22 ft (6.7 m) long and constructed from 33 electron welded parts machined from titanium; the pivots are located outboard of the engines. Normal sweep range is 20 to 68 deg with a 75-deg “oversweep” position provided for shipboard hangar stowage; sweep speed is 7.5 deg per second.

Commanding Officer

Sqn leader

The Gamecock

We’ll defend your blue skies, over land and sea.Through shot and shell we’ll fight like hell.And merry men are we……

So if you go to Sussex, who ever you may be, you can tell them all we’ll fight for or fall. In the fighting FOURTY THREE

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