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Deploy From Carriers Anywhere In The World

Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of 801 NAS provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore. .



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The GR9 is a single-seat, multi-role combat aircraft that can operate at night and at low-light levels in extreme environments, from a wide selection of locations including aircraft carriers and forward air bases.

One of the main roles of the Harrier is close air support that involves launching air attacks against hostile targets in close proximity to friendly forces. Harriers are usually employed in direct support of ground troops operating against enemy troop positions, tanks and artillery.

Harriers are also used for the air interdiction role in which the aircraft carry out low or medium-level attacks using precision-guided, freefall or retarded bombs. Harrier GR9 is also deployed on strike coordination and reconnaissance (SCAR) operations.

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