The squadrons of Joint Strike Wing Completed their ferry flights to the Persian Gulf over the weekend. Finishing at Al […]
On Saturday 16thy May the Wing held an inter squadron bombing competion, Each sqn had four airframes and had to […]
Chris “TRICKY” Has handed over the reigns of 809 NAS to his 2ic Colin “BADGER” and has moved up to […]
801 Naval Air Squadron Deploy from carriers anywhere in the world ! Flying from both airbases and ships deployed worldwide, […]
Saturday 8th Feb 2020 801 NAS (Strike) Cdr Neil “RAZOR 809 NAS (SEAD/Escort) Cdr Colin”BADGER”, Cdr Chris “TRICKY” SubLt James […]
With the merger of 800 and 801 NAS, both squadrons had their farewell flight on the 23rd November. Both Squadrons […]
800 NAS and 801 NAS have merged to form Naval Strike Wing. The new CO of the wing is Commander […]